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Veda Asset - About Us
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Meiberger Holzbau GmbH & Co. KG, Austria
Passive and low-energy buildings

Established in 1959, the company has been a synonym for top quality, individuality and innovation in the building of passive and low-energy modern family houses, hotels and buildings. For the last 50 years the Austrian company is a technology leader in the construction of low-energy and passive buildings in Austria and has been prestigiously awarded by the controlling building regulation authorities.

Koenig + Neurath GmbH, Germany
Concepts and solutions for office furniture

Established in 1925, the company is synonym for traditional German quality in the furnishing of working, conference and
multifunctional areas. Its products are module based and give opportunity for multitude of solutions and adaptation to all working processes.

We have established our company to provide a new standard of living in the personal home and new way of business conduct towards investors, their investments and goals.

We offer you an alternative to the conventional construction of a family house, hotel or buildings in the:

  • exact and final budget;
  • guaranteed and specified quality;
  • guaranteed time limit of accomplishment;
  • guaranteed low utility expenses;
  • guaranteed return on investment.

We offer solutions for furnishing and organization of working areas, which:

  • accomplish new working standards;
  • create a foundation for new achievements in the business;
  • guaranteed ergonomics and functionality for tens of years;
  • economically substantiate and protect the investment;
  • add prestige for the company and productivity of the working environment.

Our team is competent, responsible and motivated to consult you with your needs and to assist you in the process of finding the individual solution for you until its realization towards the highest degree of satisfaction for the client.


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