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Working and conference areas
Working and Conference Areas

The organization of the working area has direct influence on the motivation and performance of the office workers. Static posture while sitting influences the health and the creativity of the employees.

If we want to enhance the performance of our company, we should surely and carefully consider the work environment that we provide.

Veda Asset in partnership with the German producer Koening+Neurath AG offer  different solutions and concepts for the organization of your working area in accordance with the nature of the work and the hierarchy level.

The first impression counts.

Representative solutions, which integrate corporative design, individual style and elegance.

Receptions and Waiting Areas’ Chairs
Attitude oriented to the client

Visitors and clients feel in cozy and comfortable atmosphere, even if the waiting time is longer than usual.

Individual approach to every workstation.

Conceptual solutions with respect to the working processes require concentration, continuous communication with colleagues or open communication with clients and visitors.

Office Chairs
Ergonomics, adaptability and stability – the fundamental principles

The profitableness of the investments, guaranteed by the long period of the invariable ergonomics and functionality are the key characteristics of the office chairs’ program.

Storage Systems
Intelligent management of documents – key factor for productivity

Storage systems for archive and administration of documents for every type of working area organization, including storage systems with acoustic characteristics.

Screen Systems and Systems for Configuration of Areas
Flexibility and possibilities for change – effective use of the areas.

Innovative module systems that ensure optimal quality of the working processes, acoustic and optical isolations as well as organization and optimization of the work. 

Management Working Areas
Leadership with style

Representative solutions that communicate respective and individual management style are achieved with high quality materials and innovative technologies.

Management Chairs
The long working daily round could be comfortable.

Management chairs with their perfect workmanship, combining functionality and elegant design that respond to the highest standards.

Conference and Multifunctional Rooms
Communication – key factor for success.

Promising answer to the challenges, resulting from the continuously increasing requirements for the conference and communication areas in the office buildings.

Conference and Meeting Chairs
Relaxed atmosphere for negotiations and discussions

Representative, multifunctional or saving space solutions, which correspond with your corporate image.

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