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Passive and Low-energy Houses of Meiberger Holzbau, Austria

For more than 50 years Meiberger-Holzbau has been a technology leader in the building of passive and low-energy houses in Austria, Germany, Italy and the Czech Republic, and now in Bulgaria.

The innovation, elegant design and superior quality are the bases of the company’s high reputation.

When you decide to live in a wooden home, you have the opportunity to see all of your ideas realized down to the last detail. Living with wood is comfortable. Even if the natural material is not always visible - it changes and improves the room’s atmosphere. The house breathes, regenerates, lives.

Meiberger Holzbau uses the most appropriate materials for each project and each idea and has the skill and experience to offer customers the best combination and best quality.

Even if the space available is limited - a good concept can meet the needs of a challenging property or existing building, for the demands of today and tomorrow.

Each house is built on the basis of individual architectural project, developed in accordance with the desire, needs and ideas of its owner.

The first low-energy two-family house in Bulgaria, accomplished by Meiberger Holzbau in partnership with Veda Asset:
More details about the latest technology for design, construction and performance of low-energy buildings can be found in the  Anotation and the  Energy balance documents.


When you decide to live in Meiberger Holzbau passive or low-energy house, you guarantee yourself

Healthy place for living – the elements of which the passive and low-energy houses are built, are ecologic – wood, natural materials for insulation and finishing works, low emission finishing organic paints and polishes. The organization of space and ventilation system prevents the rooms from stuffy and dusty air, which often is the main reason for allergic and asthmatic diseases.

Convenience and comfort – unlimited solutions for the living space with possibilities of taking a great advantage of our cutting-edge technology solutions of the living standards.

Several times cheaper and easier to maintain – several times lower energy expenses compared to the conventional home.

Long life-cycle – guaranteed long life-cycle, achieved by the special technology for prefabrication of the high quality wooden material used in the house.

Short term for assembly – a few weeks, depending on the structure size.

Defined quality, according to the relevant standards and good practices.

Fixed price for design, production and assembly, agreed upon contract.

Passive house

A passive house has an optimal temperature during the winter as well as during the summer and does not need conventional heating. It is a house that has very good characteristics as a building installation as well as high quality of comfort and living environment.

Low-energy house

The main characteristic of a low-energy house is that several times less energy for heating is used in it, compared with the conventional one. It assures high quality of comfort and living environment.

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